We bet you have questions for us, find our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) commonly asked by candidates and clients. If you have any other specific questions that we have not listed below, kindly email us your questions at careers@asiarecruit.com.my

A: Recruitment Agency acts as the middlemen between companies / clients that are looking to employ candidates or someone like you, who is looking for a job. Recruitment Agency’s main mission is to find the most suitable person for the vacancy.
Sounds great, right?

A: Recruitment Agency is an expert in matchmaking in terms of employment. With our large database, we can help Clients to secure suitable candidates more accurately, faster and more cost efficient. As for Job Seekers, Recruiters will refine, edit and optimize their CVs and even provide pointers to help candidates prepare for interviews.

A: Simple! Lookout for their JTK (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) license or the title "Agensi Pekerjaan" which is included in their company name, signboard, business card etc. as this is required by law from the Ministry of Human Resource.

A: Search up on the internet browser for their JTK license and “Agensi Pekerjaan” as well as the registered Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) / Companies Commission of Malaysia. If you still in doubt, please contact Ministry of Human Resource directly at the link below,

A: No, not ever! Recruitment Agencies with JTK license are not allowed to charge candidates.
Typically, the clients will be charged a finder’s fee to the recruitment agency.

A: Please find Asia Recruit's listing here and follow us on Facebook for our latest updates!

A: In Asia Recruit, we treat all personal data and information with the utmost confidentiality. We ensure compliance of PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) when developing and implementing policies and process for handling personal data.

A: These steps are simple and if you did all of them, you would have a higher success rate. Make sure you do the following:

  • Read your resume
  • Read the job description
  • Research information on the company
  • Know your interviewer
  • Research the parking and route to the interview venue
  • Be in suitable attire / clothes (look your best for the part)
  • Prepare an opening statement

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A: Pre-employment tests are becoming increasingly common. There are a range of test / assessment that a company may ask for you to undertake. You have nothing to worry about as every candidate will have to go through similar assessment to ensure you are the right person for the job.

A: When searching for a new job, relationships are the most important piece of the puzzle.
How you manage your interactions with people has a direct impact on the value of those relationships. This holds true for working with recruiters, too.

There are plenty of hidden benefits in building long-term relationships with recruiters.
Recruiters have in-depth market knowledge, equipped with trends, news, and updates with much expertise at our disposal. We not only provide updates but also act as a career coach, as a one stop solution for all your career insights.

With fantastic networking relationships, we know many vacancies that are not advertised, providing more opportunities for you. In addition to that, we also manage your application and do follow ups with the client on your behalf.

The Recruitment team can also give CV feedback, interview advice, and negotiate salaries during the job offer stage.

A: Our recruiters will review and contact the shortlisted candidates within a week. Allow at least 4-5 business days (a week) before following up with our recruiters as we need time to follow up with our clients too.

A few recruiter-friendly tips for following up on your applications.
  • Skip the phone. Send an email / text first.
  • Leave a black & white trail, and it allows us time to properly look up your application status before replying to you
  • Keep it professional, and respect personal boundaries.
  • Don’t get overly casual / personal with the recruiters even if you have a great initial interaction. Oversharing non-relevant personal information will only lead to the impression of poor personal judgement and recruiters would start wondering whether you are able to express yourself accurately during the interview with clients.
  • Ask the recruiters up front on how frequent you should be following up about your status. Please avoid calling your recruiters day & night and non-stop texting as they deal with dozens of candidates daily.
  • Show your interest, not desperation! We want you to be interested, passionate, excited about the job… but not desperately begging for interviews!
  • Try to sound upbeat, positive, and efficient when following up with the recruiters.

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