CCC (Clients & Candidates Centric)


Excellence in recruitment is imperative for both organisations and candidates looking forward to the future of work. Organisations or clients can no longer tolerate bad hires and candidates are sick of being undervalued by their employers. More and more organisations are now partnering up with recruitment agencies to achieve their talent acquisition goals. The ultimate goal is to establish a win-win situation for both clients and candidates, which can be challenging, but something recruiters should achieve.

What is the CCC?

CCC is a recruitment mindset to help organisations and candidates with their respective goals in the professional field. Organisations are searching for ideal candidates to help them grow the business and candidates are looking for the job opportunity that gives them value as employees.

Leveraging the expertise and network of recruitment agencies can help organisations regain focus time and hire capable talents. However, recruitment nowadays should be more than that. Organisations are looking for strategic recruitment to attract top talent and candidates are looking for empathy and transparency from recruiters. Recruitment should be client and candidate-centric all the time. We can’t sacrifice one for the other.

Now, what are the aspects of CCC and how do we apply them to everyday recruitment?

Quality Hires

In recruitment, there is always a clash between quality and speed. It takes time to recruit the top candidate and it is not advisable to sacrifice the quality of hire for the speed of it. In Malaysia, one of the biggest problems among organisations is employee retention. Attracting top candidate is a big challenge but keeping them on board is another thing. This problem is rooted in different issues and recruitment is one of them. The level of recruitment can and will impact the quality of hire. Now, it is difficult to determine that a single hire will go the distance during the recruitment stage.

However, recruitment can fully position an applicant strongly for a role to ensure the right candidate, for the right job at the right time. Accomplishing this means really assessing not only the candidate’s qualifications but his or her suitability for the job. That will then greatly benefit the organisation because they found the candidate, they are looking for to help them be more agile and someone who embodies their culture entirely through proactive and dedicated work.

The results we want out of quality hires are long-term relationships wherein organisations are able to function well, provide services and products efficiently, and establish trust with their consumers – concurrently allow employees to further their careers to take on more challenging responsibilities and give them a strong sense of fulfilment from the work they do and not the money they make.

Compassion and Transparency

These days, candidates are very much mindful of who they work for. Mostly because from the aftermath they suffered caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Candidates are not only concerned about getting the job, but they are also mindful of who they will be working for. According to a survey report by *YouGov, a quarter of Malaysian workers are experiencing job insecurity or are afraid of losing their jobs amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The survey also found that 7 out of 10 employees believe that finding another job would be difficult. We also need to consider the number of employees who are out of jobs and are active in seeking one.

These people suffered too much and to help them get back on track, as recruiters, we need to give them more than peace of mind. We need to help them find and secure jobs where they find value and are given value. Being compassionate and transparent in our recruitment is pivotal to the future of work wherein employees are considered the greatest asset and not as cost.

Inclusive Recruitment

Inclusive Recruitment

This starts from the sourcing stage. There are many reports proving that diversified and inclusive organisations are more strategic and are able to generate stronger numbers. Diversity and inclusion boost innovation inside the office. There is a strong focus on improving gender equality in the workplace in Asia Pacific. Women are getting more representations and are being recognised for leadership role in the table. Diverse management can generate stronger financial returns. Organisations are wanting more diversity and inclusion in their workplace in terms of race, gender, age and more.

Inclusive recruitment is a gateway to this. Any form of discrimination no longer has a place in business and that every single candidate should be given a chance to prove him or herself.

That is what being client and candidate-centric is about.


Written By Damien Lim
Damien Lim is the Managing Director of Asia Recruit. He’s been with the company since 2009, having joined the company as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, and went on to be the Consulting Manager, before assuming the role of Director in 2015. Apart from providing strategic guidance and leadership, Damien is committed to ensuring that the Company achieves its vision, mission and long term goals.

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