Strategy Analyst

Location: Shah Alam
Job ID: AYR3


Job description:

Star Glory Group is an exciting and fast-growing profitable group of companies and has businesses that specialises in selling duty free products and providing logistics services.

This role will be a key member of the Star Glory Business Strategy & Transformation team and is responsible for identifying the needs of business, determining the direction it needs to go in to excel and succeed.

This role will develop these decisions by analysing, gathering and reviewing data then creating relevant solutions.



• Responsible for analyzing the company's budget and finding ways to allocate resources more efficiently.

• Organizing finances, preparing reports on how money is spent and monitoring spending to create cost-benefit analyses which help businesses run better.

• Reviewing budget proposals and funding requests

• Submitting budget recommendations for approval or rejection of funding request

• Explain and defend recommendations to management

• Collaborate with Leadership Team to develop final consolidated budget

• Ensure the organization’s budget adheres to legal regulations

• Make forecasts for future budget needs

• Suggest improvements to increase profits (e.g. spending cuts)

• Prepare periodical and special reports


• Perform financial forecasting, reporting, and operational metrics tracking

• Analyze financial data and create financial models for decision support

• Report on financial performance and prepare for regular management reviews

• Analyze past results, perform variance analysis, identify trends and make recommendations for improvements

• Work closely with the finance team to ensure accurate financial reporting

• Evaluate financial performance by comparing, analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts

• Provide analysis of trends, forecasts and recommend actions for optimization

• Recommend actions by analyzing, interpreting data and making comparative analyses; study proposed changes in methods and materials

• Increase productivity by developing automated reporting/forecasting tools

• Perform market research, data mining, business intelligence and valuation comps


• Helping research and present data analysis.

• Analysing and interpreting data to communicate market trends and industry predictions.

• Turning predictions into a strategy plan, identifying areas for growth and resolving issues.

• Identifying industry competitors, analysing their market and identifying recommendations moving forward.

• Shaping the company’s overall business strategy

• Developing strategic plans and assessing company performance

• To define company’s direction and develop plans to realize business objectives.

• Help company adapt to changes and grow.

• Understand and shape the company’s strategy and mission

• Align processes, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy


As Star Glory has fast expanding business plans with the need to have more people of talent who solve everyday business problems, it is crucial that this role provide relevant insights that help companies make better decisions, address key challenges, concerns and identify new ways to grow. This role is also expected to identify business’ needs and develop plans that determine the direction a company can take to actualize its goals. This role also requires to gather, review, test data and apply many measures to provide solutions to critical business issues and decisions.


• The ability to draw conclusions from data and create business predictions.

• Be able to create out of the box ideas for simple tasks

• Extremely organised

• Can come from a range of backgrounds but must have an interest in interpreting, analysing data and drawing conclusions.

• A quantitative, analytical background is preferable and must be able to manage strategic analyses of data environments.

• Good degrees for Strategy Analysts include finance, business, communications and a strong sense of understanding of strategic planning will be beneficial.

• High proficiency in financial modeling techniques

• Strong fluency with Excel formulas and functions

• BA, BS, or B.Com degree required (Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics)

• Knowledge of data analysis and forecasting methods

• Understanding of budgeting and regulatory requirements

• Knowledge of business operations and procedures

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