Location: Singapore
Job ID: CAS1


Job description:

Positions/ Unit:

  1. CNC Machinist (Milling, Lathe, Grinding, Burring)
  2. Assembly (Assembly of aircraft components)
  3. Heat treatment (Furnace setting, apply 5s technic, short blasting and visual inspection)
  4. Quality Control (Performing visual and dimensional inspection)

Job Description (General)

  • Perform inspection, scheduling, routine maintenance operations and troubleshooting
  • Implementing and adhering to strict safety guidelines.
  • Creating and maintaining repair logs and records.
  • Ensuring that all aircraft parts are accurately labeled, organized, and restored.
  • Complete all tasks in the allotted time frame and to the quality standards of the company 
  • Promote safety within the workplace and guarantee all tasks are performed within the safety manual guidelines
  • Keep detailed records of the inspections performed, repairs finished, maintenance procedures and ordered parts
  • Collaborating with engineers and system mechanics to ensure that all aircraft systems are running correctly.
  • Preparing diagnostics reports and suggesting repair solutions based on thorough evaluations.
  • Inspect completed work and ensure it matches standards

Benefits :

  • One-time Housing Allowance of $600 provided (with 6 months bond)        
  • Shift Allowance provided (Depends on shift pattern)                                    
  • Transport Allowance provided ($90/month)                                                  
  • AWS: 1.75 months of basic salary (Pro-rated)                                   
  • Productivity Bonus: 0.5 months of basic salary (Good attendance)              
  • Variable Bonus: Based on company and individual Performance                 
  • Medical and Dental benefits provided                                                           
  • Group insurance provided                                                                              
  • Annual leave provided

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