Business Relation Executive

Location: Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur
Job ID: CCB20


Job description:


Business Relationship Management

- Assist in resolving escalated tenant's issues and disputes regarding sales and services.

- Collaborate with Sales Promotion department in ensuring that the strategies and objectives are aligned, ensuring that marketing initiatives support sales efforts are aligned to the business overall's objectives.

- Assist in preparing reports on monthly sales information, credit reports, and relevant statistics for Management's review.

- Participate in monthly sales report meetings between managers and staff.

- Understand tenants' respective business models in order to better facilitate their business and operations requirements and provide intelligence to relevant personnel within Operations Department particularly and other relevant Departments within the Company.

- Provide intelligence reporting to tenants for further betterment of performance.

- Identify and create value added opportunities to further enhance sales and service according to corporate targets.

- Focal point contact between tenants and other relevant Departments within the Company Facilitate in providing quick / immediate response towards tenant's enquiries, issues, problems and concerns

- Understand market trends / demands and provide valuable intelligence to tenants for further betterment of performance

- Support tenants in order to further enhance their sales and service standards according to corporate targets

- Manage a comprehensive database for each tenant in relation to business matters for quick reference

- Consolidate and analyze sales performance data as well as make recommendations for extension / renewal of contract at least 9 months before expiry

- Maintain category management and present findings and recommendations to management

- Coordinate internally with other units / departments for a consolidated annual calendar of events / activities / campaigns / maintenance exercise

- Ensure contract and operational compliance to meet business and customers' expectations

- Supervise daily operations of Information Counters

- Handle customer related matters

- Attend to customer complaints, investigate and propose resolutions in a timely manner according to Corporate Policies and Procedures 

- Propose trainings that will further improve service levels of Information Counter staff, sales staff, etc. 

- Ensure customer service policies and procedures are observed 

- Ensure customer service contracts are executed according to agreed customer service levels and standards 

- Co-ordinate customer service projects and initiatives

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