Production Planner

Location: Sungai Buloh
Job ID: EFW1


Job description:

  • Plan and prioritize operations to ensure maximum performance and minimum delay
  • Promptly addressing and resolving production issues to minimize delays in production.
  • Effecting changes to production schedules to ensure that production deadlines are met
  • Promptly informing the relevant departments of changes to current production schedules
  • Work closely with production to ensure production meet on time delivery
  • Perform materials analysis for Clear To Built against customer demand and pull in
  • Firm/create job
  • Prepare Material queue report

Job Requirement 

  • Possess a Degree in any field
  • Related working experience in production planning
  • Previous experience planning and prioritizing operations for efficiency.
  • Demonstrated experience in promptly resolving production issues to minimize delays.
  • Previous work involving effective collaboration with production teams and communicating changes in production schedules.


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