Cantonese Content Reviewer

Location: Bangkok
Job ID: ERT6


Job description:

  • Review the apps in given time in accordance to the policies set by the client
  • Maintain optimum utilization during a working shift
  • Perform high quality reviews
  • Maintain the turnaround time on app reviews
  • Should be up to date on the policy changes
  • Be a team player
  • Provide reverse feedback on policies and apps
  • Work in a 24x7 environment (rotating)
  • Take quality feedback and work on it
  • Should be able to deal with sensitive material including sexual images, child pornography and hate & violence
  • Ability to escalate when needed according to the process
  • Being able to keep their knowledge of current affairs up to date (specifically American culture)
  • Should be able to navigate, search and download apps from client play store on the appropriate devices
  • Experience using and downloading Android-based apps

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