Chief 5G Innovation Telecommunication Strategy Marketing Manager

Location: SELANGOR
Job ID: IEW12


Job description:

1.Develop and Execute Business and Technology Strategy Influencing Framework with generic and customer specific segments based on the multi dimension input: 

  1. ICT and Telco Industry Regional and Country Technology Evolution Trends
  2. Industry Impacting Macro and Micro Economic Trends (e.g Covid-19) 
  3. Operator Market Positioning and Strategy, SWOT
  4. Regional and National Digital ICT policies
  5. Market Sentiments, Movements and Shift(Consumer, Business, Government)
  6. Industry 3rd party Analysts(IDC, McKinsey, PWC, GSMA, etc)

2. Prepare relevant materials based on the strategic guidance of market segments and target customers and communicate with customers on key occasions such as summits, projects, and high-level customer meetings to effectively influence customers.

3. Take charge of ecosystem cultivation and industry cooperation in key 5G industries in the Asia-Pacific region, and jointly expand the market space. Understand customer requirements and business & industry environments in Asia-Pacific countries, develop project business strategies and plans, and help customers achieve 5G business success.

4. Collaborate with internal departments in different fields to effectively operate and execute the above-mentioned tasks according to different work requirements to achieve the goal.


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