Contract and Commercial Manager

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Job ID: IEW18


Job description:

  • Lead the contract drafting process
  • At the bidding stage, responsible for bid package in relation to commercial & legal elements and the preparation of commercial proposal. 
  • At the contract stage, draft the contracts, participate or lead the project/contract negotiation with customers, and responsible for the quality of contracts.
  • Promote the fulfilment of contracts
  • Execute the contract handover process, supervise the status of contract fulfilment, deal with contract amendment made from the customer side, and resolve disputes over contract fulfilment.
  • Drive and execute the contract closure process and in charge of the fulfilment of contracts.
  • Act as the guardian of contract risks
  • Identify and review risks regarding commercial & legal elements and improve commercial & legal solutions for contracts.
  • Align TOP risks, key assumptions, and contract wording through all domains.
  • Responsible for reviewing the risks of contract terms and conditions.
  • Implement and drive the improvement of contract quality
  • Lead the routine examination of contract risks across accounts, build/maintain contract baseline, and participate in the planning as well as designing of ‘Contract Quality Improvement Target’.
  • Facilitate the ‘Contract Quality Improvement Target’, supervise the progress, alert on time, and promote resource input.

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