Planning Manager

Location: Melaka
Job ID: LHE4


Job description:

meetings, setting direction, and to provide strategy for


3. To maintain and manage an effective and efficient system for purchasing, planning, customer

service, and shipping sections in order to ensure internal and external parties (relevant

departments, suppliers, customers, forwarders etc.) are satisfied.

4. Supervise, control and monitor activities of purchasing, planning, customer service and

shipping sections on progress.

5. To monitor and assist all department in areas of purchasing and issuance of Purchase order


6. To develop efficiently with existing suppliers and sourcing new potential suppliers and

practice dual sourcing exercise.

7. To involve and liaise with suppliers on the price negotiation, quotation, determine delivery

order period, and to solves outstanding order.

8. To work with purchasing department on the direct material supplier chain (raw blank and raw

frame) to maintain preferred performance status and committed continuous performance in

terms of quality, delivery, and service.

9. To safeguard optimum stocking and planning consideration of effective operation

requirement and financial implication.

10. To carry out weekly planning for stamping, plating, and cutting operations which effectively

considers the resources and meeting the customers’ requirement on time.

11. To liaise on related matters with sales personnel, customer and production to ensure total

customer satisfaction.

12. To safeguard customer’s interest and balance up internal operation efficiency by

communication and coordinating the right needs and information to the right source.

13. To satisfied customer requirements, maintain good relationship and strive for service


14. To ensure proper and accurate recording of the WIP/FG and issue daily/monthly reports to

relevant departments.

15. To ensure preparation of shipping documents and invoices for delivery of all direct and

indirect material.

16. To monitor and follow-up on the inward, outward forwarding.

17. To liaise with relevant departments on related matters and external parties (i.e. sales

personnel, suppliers, customers, and government parties) on the price negotiation, quotation,

determine delivery order period, to solves outstanding order, to ensure total customer

satisfaction as well as various import / export approvals.

18. To liaise on related matters with relevant departments and customers where required.

Organize the purchase of consumable and other goods as well as close cooperation with

Customer Service an efficient shipment (including inland transportation) planning to


19. To coordinate with customers regarding import of goods and disposal of factory scraps. This

also includes preparation of various customs documentation.

20. To establish and maintain high housekeeping standard. Responsible for developing staff

competencies through effective training, communication and motivation. Control the

inventory of raw frames, goods in – process, dummy frames, rejected frames and finished

goods. Organizing a proper and economy packing for shipment of finished products to

customers on time.

21. Responsible to ensure required periodic reports are ready on time.

22. To execute any other duties assigned by the superior.


1. At least a Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate, or Professional Degree in Economic,

Business Administration or equivalent field.

2. Excellent negotiating and communication skills with good knowledge of supplier management

and selection, manufacturing processes, commodities and pricing & cost analysis.

3. At least 5 years of relevant working experience.

4. With knowledge in material handling, lead frame would be an added advantage.

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