Accountant & Billing Officer (WFO)

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Job ID: LIT2


Job description:

Job Description

Work from home for accounting and managing telephone billing and accounting management which includes the service of preparing bills, managing bills, and attending billing matters to customers over communication.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Candidate is required to managed the following system, stated below:
  • XERO accounting system
  • ASANA task management
  • Telephone system of the company
  • Email and phone to communication with customer
  • Microsoft Excel to generate reports
  • Product Inventory such as management of telephone numbers in the company.
  • Candidate is required to prepare, create and submit billing reports to customers and invoices every month.
  • Candidate is required to create delivery orders, quotations, invoices, purchase orders, inventory and other arrangement and administration.
  • Candidate must manage the telephone billing management system such as checking on the available telephone numbers, creating that telephone line and account, payment to the telephone suppliers, checking call usage, provide call billing report to customers and prepare relevant billing information necessary for processing each billing.
  • Candidate must work with the supplier to make payment advice and oversee the consumption of credits time to time, through online portals and other communication.
  • At times, the candidate is required to create cash flow projection, create profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other financial-related statements when the accounting period comes.
  • Candidate must be able to perform a reconciliation on the accounts every time to ensure the transaction is updated in time.
  • Candidate should prepare an assessment on customer payments and consolidate them to create payment solutions.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidate must post a good understanding of confidential data keeping and management ethics. You would be signing confidential agreement stating your acknowledgment to the work and subject matter.
  • Candidate must possess a knowledge of accounting management that should be no less to conduct financial audits, cash flow projections, and managing finance and generating report related to accounting report and tax report.
  • Candidate must have a good understanding on managing order processing system in general such as providing quotes, invoices, delivery notes ( administration), to accounting system, where producing general ledger, reconciliation, and setting up financial outlooks is necessary.
  • Candidate must possess the certificate of ACCA and also have ample knowledge in managing billing systems such as telephone bills and call usage billing.
  • Candidate must possess good knowledge of customer service too.
  • Candidates must hold a degree or equivalent qualification for this role.
  • Candidates have at least 3 years’ experience in the field and has conducted a submission of profit and loss and balance sheet with a submission of company tax.
  • Candidate must have a good understanding of Good Service Tax(GST) of Singapore.


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