Technical Manager

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Job description:

Job Description: A Technical support manager takes supervisory role to the organization by understanding the current resource limits and provide the right decision and solution to solve customer’s issues. It is often defined as the technical support engineer, the role mainly handles diagnostic, checks, fixing and resolving the customer issue by personally or guiding the team in looking into the matter. 

The Technical Support Engineer simulates failures for further analysis of failing device. He/She implements operation and maintenance solutions in-time and effectively to fulfil customers' requirements and solve technical issues. 

He/She constructs and maintains an up-to-date problem database to ensure accurate and sufficient information for maintenance and troubleshooting. 

He/She performs on-site survey. He/She installs, configures and upgrades hardware and software for optimal performance. 

He/She performs acceptance testing of installed or upgraded equipment. He/She inducts and trains users on using and optimising hardware and software applications.

Technical Supervisory and Support Responsibilities

The following are some primary tasks of a technical engineer that should be seen in a technical support engineer job description.

Technical Engineer shall lead a team of level 1 engineers comprising of cloud engineer and technical engineer to their tasks and duties. He/She shall prepare the necessary instruction for level one to support the customer better.

Technical engineer will set the leadership to support the team with a good understanding of the technical requirements. 

Technical Engineer is required to conduct meeting from time to time to assess the current limits on servers and its running services.

Technical Engineer installs and configure applications; in other words, manages system which runs Asterisk, AWS components, hardware systems onsite and other IT peripheral. A good understanding of the technology is vital in handling this task. 

The technical engineer monitor and maintain infrastructure on networks, systems, and security problems. 

Technical engineer shall be responsible in monitoring security issues and shall resolve them when the need arise. They may refer to the organization security policy to define the right solution when solving issues. 

Technical Engineer shall be responsible in configuring operating systems and applications installed within the operating system. Not to mention the system database and storage shall be managed by the engineer. The engineer should has an ample understanding of the utilization of different system and application entities. 

Technical Engineer resolve issues related to the networks, systems, applications, and security. 

Technical Support Engineer prioritize and manage the workflow.

Technical Engineer diagnoses, troubleshoot, and resolve issues by questioning customers about the issues they are facing in a detailed fashion so that they understand the nub of the problems.   

Engineers design new system setups to meet the requirements of their organization or clients.

Technical Engineer should possess the ability to learn and work on changing and emerging technologies.

Technical Support Engineer are the first point of contact for clients for issues concerning their computer systems and equipment.

Technical Engineer keeps track of users’ system issues until they are resolved by adhering to the agreed timelines.

To resolve complex problems, engineers interact with clients through phone, emails or chats and provide unambiguously written instructions or technical manuals.

Engineers maintain procedural documents and reports.

Technical Engineer follows standard procedures of their organizations to resolve issues by escalating them to the relevant internal departments.

Technical Support Engineer provide accurate feedback to customers promptly.

Technical Engineer ensures proper logging of all issues.

Technical Engineer monitors daily performance of technical systems. 

Technical Support Engineer help companies deploy new software or hardware systems.

Customer Management Responsibilities:

Implementing customer support processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

Formulating and revising customer support policies and promote their implementation.

Informing the team of all new information related to products, procedures, and trends.

Assessing support statistics and preparing detailed reports on the findings.

Overseeing and evaluating the team's ongoing training efforts.

Delivering performance evaluations and following the disciplinary process according to company policy.

Managing the budget of the customer support department.

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