Associate, Microfinancing

Location: Bangsar South
Job ID: NHC7

Specialization: E COMMERCE

Job description:

Job Description 

  • Responsible to accurately perform income document verifications and computation based on the complete income documents received from customer. 
  • Required to retrieve the income documents of customer from the Admin Portal and input the income details based on the source of income documents received in the Net Income Calculator (NIC) to generate the monthly income. 
  • Required to ensure that the monthly gross and net income are accurately computed and input the values in the Admin Portal for reference based on the source of income documents uploaded by customer.
  • Ensure that all verifications and computation are completed within the agreed SLA. 
  • Ensure any incomplete income documents received from customer will be duly returned (KIV) directly to customer via Admin Portal. 
  • Required to attached a copy of computed NIC in the Admin Portal for reference of sampling and auditing purposes. 
  • Responsible to perform the validation process of the completeness of income documents and values accomplished based on monthly sampling to ensure the quality is delivered according to the required standard. 
  • Responsible to report on any non-compliance and financial irregularities during income document verification and computation.. 

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