Sales Manager/ Assistant Manager (Research Sales)

Location: Petaling Jaya
Job ID: OMG1

Specialization: SALES CORPORATE

Job description:

What is research sales?

  • Collects data for marketing through questionnaires from consumers and sells that data to customers target customers are companies that have a marketing team or department, or a management or planning department. (e.g., to improve products based on research results, to discover new product ideas, to measure the effectiveness of advertising, etc.)
  • In Malaysia, relatively large companies (annual sales of 5 billion or more are likely to be targeted) *Estimated based on the size of the research budget available.
  • You will listen to the company's issues and propose research proposals to visualize the client company's issues by using consumer data.
  • You will propose research proposals that will enable the client company to visualize its issues by using consumer data.
  • The required skills include the ability to make proposals and solve problems, as well as PPT skills.

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