IT Manager

Location: Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park, Shah Alam
Job ID: POL1


Job description:


We are looking for an IT Manager to be responsible and accountable for the smooth IT operation (of company servers, networking and user workstation) within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs and timelines. This position needs to supervise the implementation and maintenance of our company’s computing needs.

This position will have to ensures all employees have the technology they need to have their job done, from a reliable laptop, desktop PC and virtual remote access for remote workers who can't be reached otherwise, to up-close coordination with other departments, example like HR or finance so data is well secure.


  • Manage information technology and computer systems.
  • Plan, develop and define suitable IT infrastructure strategy, architecture, and processes.
  • Constantly monitor and evaluate performance of IT systems to determine cost and productivity levels, and to make recommendations for improving the IT infrastructure.
  • Design, develop, implement and coordinate systems, policies and procedures.
  • Lead IT projects, from design to deployment of new IT systems and services.
  • Ensure security of data, network access and backup systems.
  • Act in alignment with user needs and system functionality to contribute to organizational policy.
  • Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions to act promptly in time.
  • Preserve assets, information security and control structures.
  • Budget planning (quarterly and annum) and ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Analyze business requirements by partnering with key stakeholders across the organization to develop solutions for IT needs.
  • Assess vendors and develop test strategies for new hardware and business software (SAP, Microsoft Office and data integration system)
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues related to internal IT.
  • Well equipped knowledge with IT risk management for security measures and prevention.
  • Sourcing for reliable vendor/supplier for IT purchasing.
  • Conduct IT training periodically to improve staff awareness cyberattack and skill of using IT equipment/software application.
  • Perform IT audit on half yearly basis.

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