Logistics Executive

Location: Shah Alam
Job ID: POL5


Job description:

Import Shipment 
1] Co-ordinate with supplier and shipping company on incoming shipment. 
2] Liaise with forwarding agent on the customs clearance and receiving to warehouse. 
3] Prepare SAP GRPO once warehouse confirm the receipt. 
Export Shipment 
1] Collaborate with sales team and arrange export shipment to distributors. 
2] Issue SAP Pick List for export shipment follow salesmen instruction and send it to warehouse for picking and packing. 
3] Book vessel or flight with shipping company and coordinate with warehouse for the delivery. 
Supply Demand Management 
1] Responsible to update Inventory Report which include In and Out shipment based on PO/SO. 
2] Issue SAP PO/GRPO for golf items purchase. 
3] Check shipment status with vendors and update Inventory Report. 
4] Liaise with sales team on the order and advise stock availability. 
5] Liaise with sales team on direct shipment for golf hard good. 
1] Liaise with printing company and co-ordinate with warehouse for the sending and receiving after print. 
2] Prepare insurance claim for lost goods/damage goods in transit. 
3] To assist in stock count and discrepancies investigation. 
4] Support in supply demand budget preparation. 
5] Other duties may be assigned by the management from time to time

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