Business Intelligence Specialist

Location: Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam
Job ID: REL9


Job description:

Contribute to the design and creation of BI reports and the delivery of business analytics information (both descriptive and predictive) for the use of MT Units and business users across Asia-Pac. Contribute toward business development initiatives and strategy for Regional Center and MT Units across Asia-Pac.

To enable business users to make more timely and effective decisions resulting in profitable revenue growth. 

Additionally, the role will support and facilitate any training/knowledge transfer to MT Units in Asia-Pac BI and Service teams and their respective business users.

  • Gatherandanalyzeavailableinformationaboutcompetitors,customers,products,markets,technologies,andgovernment policies influencing MT’s businesses in APAC.
  • Access, collate and analyze various internal data sources such as CRM, SQL, BI and other reports to generate business analytics information.
  • Supporting in developing and improving analytical methods and procedures, includes but not limited to deploying business intelligence and data mining solutions 
  • Use data to create data visibility in the form of dashboards/cockpits/reports in line with key performance indicators with clear assumptions and definitions of each KPI.
  • Act as a key point of contact for timely, accurate and actionable information business wide supporting all business functions.
  • Workwithunitsatalllevelsoftheorganizationtoanalyzeandtranslatebusinessrequirements; help to identify business value and prioritize requirements according to expected business benefits.
  • Translate high-level information into details; critically evaluate information gathered frommultiplesourcesandcreateinsightfulanalysiswithinwrittencommunicationoffindings
  • Efficiently manage the information gathering and analysis process–byorganizingcustomizedreportlayouts,maintainingprocesses,andutilizinganalyticalmethodologies
  • Work with specialists globally to gain an understanding of business data used; what it tells us, and how it is used.
  • Understand the value and usage of business intelligence and key KPI’s in enabling business decisions.
  • Identify levers from data used to suggest changes in key business processes and decisions.
  • Support various projects/initiatives across the region/globally and in MT Units across APAC that impact business growth.
  • Facilitate trainings to enable units to implement process and organizational improvements and innovations.

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