Marketing Manager

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Job ID: SRO3


Job description:

  • Participate in planning and executing NATIONAL-level effective marketing campaigns in line with the company‚Äôs business and marketing objectives through ATL, BTL, Digital, Ground Activation and PR events to create mass public awareness and promote sales leads
  • Coordinate with team toguideandmonitordealers to execute branding & marketing campaigns, and to ensure all the standard, process, deliverables and KPIs are aligned with corporate strategy
  • Assist director to plan and monitor departmental budget expenditure to ensure marketing activities are within approved budget.
  • Plan, manage, and execute differentiated PR strategy and actions to boost up brand awareness, brand reputation, positive brand message, and trust
  • Lead brand, corporate, and product storytelling and come up with effective PR communications and milestone
  • Nourish relationship with key media, identify potential media group on business, marketing, motoring, and lifestyle media, and implement media relationship scheme effectively
  • Seek for effective business partnerships to maximize business opportunity, positive PR news, and brand exposure
  • Maximize PR effectiveness and optimize PR spending for the most PR impacts, values, buzz, and positive tonality as well as monitor and track PR KPIs on regular basis

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