Plantation Manager

Location: Kelantan
Job ID: STG6


Job description:

  1. To be responsible for the development, upkeep and maintenance, of new and current matured areas of planted trees advised by current development/ maintenance plans in Rubber Plantations.
  2. To carry out necessary work required for plantation production via the use of company staff, contract labor and machinery provided.
  3. Details of plantation maintenance include:
  4. Condition of roads and drains
  5. Condition terraces, bridges and culverts
  6. Condition of cover crops for required areas
  7. Condition of all planted trees that include observation, prevention of diseases; and monitoring of leave falls that impact production etc.
  8. Prevention of pest attacks such as termites, forest boars, etc. 
  9. To assist management in ensuring work is conducted strictly following work specifications and costs outlined within the contract between management and contractors.
  10. To coordinate and manage job functions of supporting staff and contractors to ensure work is carried out on schedule, without cost overruns (within budget), and minimum production output is achieved.
  11. To train and work with subordinate staff in order for them to provide supervision to workers carrying out duties as part of check roll and contract, in a satisfactory manner. Subordinate staff include supervisors, assistant managers, and plantation workers.
  12. To manage plantation operations, complying with regulations of all relevant departments set out in the country:
  13. Department of Environment – prevention of water, air, ground pollution etc.
  14. Department of Labor – workers’ rights and minimum pay are met.
  15. Monitor materials required for development and upkeep for plantation production under the plantation program; including conditions of machinery and equipment. And report on issues when required.
  16. To prepare and submit required reports in a timely manner (according to management’s request) of field operations to management; reports include plantation progress reports, production, manpower numbers, machinery upkeep reports, stock availability reports, claims reports, accounts reports, staffing requirements reports etc.
  17. To generate requisition reports of required/out-of-budget purposes/ tasks in a timely manner for approval by management.
  18. To be the custodian of the company’s assets and staff within the plantation.
  19. To be responsible for the monthly and annual yield targets.
  20. To ensure the plantation remains profitable at all times by applying measures to meet the company’s target.
  21. To carry out other job functions as and when directed by management.

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