Talent Acquisition

Location: Ara Damansara
Job ID: TDE5

Specialization: HUMAN RESOURCES

Job description:

  • The role involves identifying recruitment gaps, sourcing external skilled workers, and managing internal headcounts to meet business needs while adhering to budget constraints.
  • Collaborate with business leaders and hiring managers to understand talent requirements and align hiring plans with business timelines.
  • Utilize established networks to attract experienced and diverse talent to join the team.
  • Conduct effective candidate screening, assessing both experience and technical capabilities against the company culture and vision.
  • Lead initiatives and projects to improve and scale recruiting operations in collaboration with internal and external teams.
  • Ensure a seamless candidate experience from application to offer, managing the interview process, reference checks, salary recommendations, and candidate closing.
  • Develop streamlined and modern digital recruitment experiences to align with current recruitment practices.

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