Yield Engineer

Location: Tebrau
Job ID: TEK14


Job description:

  1. Install/Control new/existing work/method state of the art processes to achieve optimum production capacity/capability & saving/ratio.     
  2. Develop new/existing machine/automation concepts/methods with vendors to optimize productivity and effective processes with proper involvement of Engineering and R&D department.
  3. Support of product development for the new/existing development, production introduction/change of new/existing process/equipment/tooling; state of the art technology/engineering into production.
  4. Coordinate tasks in engineering projects and follow-up schedule and project results.
  5. Ensure productivity of new processes (OEE>85%) and process quality (Cpk >1.33)
  6. Find ratio potential over new technology and realize in line with Budget.
  7. Create machine documentation for new processes and support Work Instructions according to Milestone procedures and guidelines.
  8. Guide and handover of production new processes / machines for SAT and final release.
  9. Responsible to ensure the enforcement and control of 5s, Safety and environmental protection in the respective area.

Perform other related duties and responsibilities as assigned by superior from time to time

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