IT Engineer

Location: Tebrau Iv
Job ID: TEK9


Job description:

Short Term 


  1. Production Network Setup and resources migration from Office EPCOSIZ Domain by T126 Q4
  2. Cyer Security topic in Production Network 
  3. Support FCP project (global template 50 minuts / PC, local software migration 4 hours/PC, total 164 PC) 


Mid Term 

  1. Support implementation of WINCC OA for BMS with PPD DL OIL and PPD DL support team 
  2. Support Confluence implementation with PPD DL OIL 
  3. Support Tableau report implementation with PPD DL OIL 
  4. Support Production SAP activities (eg.Prepare all local SAP processes flow chart, define critical parameters, end user training document updates & review, to be trained and retrain new employees)
  5. Develop MES into Warehouse Management 
  6. Support migration of Intranet Malaysia following PPD DL OIL project time frame 
  7. Support all new IT / security facilities for AEO project (Global Shipping Committee) 
  8. Assist 4 Data & Infrastructure management (provide shipment analysis for cost drivers and cost savings)
  9. New Applications and Report Confiuration to support user requirements
  10. Periodic Audit of IT Secutiry on installed hardware & monitoring of network activities
  11. Assist production in Improving Data capturing and Data Analytics
  12. Support Annual Corporate IT Projects
  13. Support Annual GSC Projects (Data Analysis and reporting)
  14. Design Shipping Customs automation of Reporting & Application


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